What a Shame!
My parents grew up during the U.S. Great Depression. I remember their stories of their delight getting only an orange on Christmas morning and the delectable delight, duck blood soup for supper. Nothing was wasted.

Both of my parents were WWII veterans and part of “The Greatest Generation”. They dedicated themselves to making sure we needed nothing and that their affairs were in order so we wouldn’t be strapped with their debts when they passed on.

My wife and I work out our monthly budget and pay our bills. We do it because those bills are our responsibility and not our children’s. We have made sure our children will not be strapped with our debts when we pass on.

Why can’t our federal government do the same thing?

There hasn’t been a federal budget in over 3 years and last I heard our grandchildren will each have a national debt of around $42,000! They didn’t build that.

That’s not fair! What a disgrace to “The Greatest Generation” to throw all their struggles and heroism into Chinese banks.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s plan will cut tax rates across the board by 20%; eliminate taxes on capital gains, interest, and dividends for families making less than $200,000 a year. Their plan will eliminate the death tax, an unfair tax on our individual efforts to ensure our children’s security!

Those of us who love and respect them, and those who are a part of “The Greatest Generation” Please vote for Romney and Ryan on November 6th.

Chris Goebel