Recently we’ve heard about Obamacare and the war on women. We’ve focused on Sandra Fluke’s desire for cheaper and more available birth control. We’ve heard about 10,000 annual deaths to gun violence and the 40,000 lost annually to breast cancer. It’s everywhere.

We’ve heard nothing about the 50,000 lost annually to epilepsy, a condition that effects two in 10 children and one in 10 Americans. It costs taxpayers over $17 billion annually.

President Obama mentioned Cleveland Clinic in his first debate. I’d like to say Cleveland Clinic is every bit as good as the president said. I was there and witnessed people from all over the world coming to get, give, or learn about treatments to teach in their own countries.

But Cleveland Clinic and Obamacare are only as good as the FDA allows. Our president selected and appointed the head of the FDA.

Under his leadership all approvals for medical devices are moving nearly three times slower than under the previous administration. To the 3 million (60 million worldwide) sufferers of epilepsy, a third of whom cannot get control of seizures through medication, no amount of insurance will obtain a cure.

 At this point in time, when science and medical technology is advancing rapidly, what good is Obamacare if medical treatments aren’t approved? And who takes care of the ill families? Women – women who give up their jobs to do it.

There is a war on women and a war on those less fortunate, and it’s coming directly from our president.

 I’ll vote Romney. We need a cure.

Viki View,