A community is known by its school system. Quality public education is crucial to the growth and success of that community. Burlington can be proud of the fine reputation our schools have enjoyed for many years. If that reputation suffers, so does Burlington and right now, that good reputation is at stake.

                  As the owner of a local retail business, I have rarely, if ever, taken a public stand during an election. My position has been to support and admire those who run for and hold public office. However, since the last School Board election I have observed, with dismay, the actions of two members who are supported by the WeVote organization.

                  In a democracy, a local opposition is necessary. WeVote does not represent loyalty, teamwork or compromise; shameful disrespect and vicious accusations of teachers are among their tactics. It is apparent that seizing control of the board is their primary goal.

                  Burlington has an excellent staff of teachers and administrators. They require our support and need our respect to accomplish their mission of providing the best education possible for our children.

                  The continuous contentious attacks on teachers by WeVote members are well known to other districts. From reliable sources we know that their talent scouts have been contacting many of our teachers. We will lose some of Burlington’s best educators to other school districts if this petty jealousy and rhetoric does not end.

                  The state has passed legislation giving school boards the tools to keep public employee compensation in line with the present day economy. It is up to us to elect people who will wisely implement that power and, at the same time, provide high quality education in our schools, not just enough to get by.

                  April 2 is voting day. Beware of who you vote for. Larry Anderson is well-respected throughout the state for his understanding of the fiscal problems facing schools.

                  Jim Bousman can provide a fresh approach to solving or complex financial issues. We can trust them to do the best job for the school district and the community.

Walt Uebele,