I’d like to comment on several of the very interesting letters that I’ve read recently.

According to some, Mr. Anderson is their hero because he saved us $1.7 million or 24 percent on health care insurance this last time.  But he could have saved more by fully implementing the tools of Act 10.

My suggestion is put the whole school district on Obama care.

A helpful hint to the people putting political literature on car windshields: please stop.  You are in violation of Burlington city littering ordinance #200-2 sections A & C.  Remember bad behavior has its consequences.

Mr. Bousman states he is an independent and I respect him for that. He also states he voted for the mayor of Milwaukee for governor. This mayor is the left wing tax and spend nut who wants to build a $100 million trolley car system on the east side of Milwaukee.

Unfortunately We Energy customers like us Burlington residents are going to be forced to help pay for that trolley with higher energy bills. Mr. Bousman also signed the recall Walker petition. Remember when Walker took office we had a $3.6 billion deficit and now we have a surplus. Mr. Bousman might be an independent but he is sure a poor decision maker. I certainly don’t want him on our School Board.

My last suggestion would be for the School Board to adopt a policy that if a school board member falls to sleep during a meeting that they are immediately removed from the room and emails with a picture of the sleeping member be sent out to the two local newspapers to print a notice that they were sleeping on the job.  Taxpayers need to know how they are being represented.

Catherine Thielen,

Bohners Lake