By Jason Arndt
Staff Writer

Gwen Kosirog

The Standard Press plans to recognize senior student-athletes from all spring sports teams, which saw their seasons cut short because of COVID-19.

Seniors from Burlington and Catholic Central high schools will be profiled in the next several weeks in the Standard Press as more seniors respond to questions via email.

Coaches, senior student-athletes, parents and athletic directors are welcome to reach out to the Standard Press by emailing for suggestions.

Gwen Kosirog, one of Burlington’s pitchers, looked forward to playing a senior season with her Demon teammates.

“We didn’t get that chance yet, but we made some great memories last season,” she said in regards to a canceled spring sports slate. “I know all of us are going to go on and do great things. We didn’t get our last season together but we still have the rest of our lives ahead of us to make up for it.”

Kosirog noted many highlights during her junior season, including one day when she and some her teammates switched from a softball jersey to a prom dress.

“Last season we had a round-robin the same day as prom. Everyone was excited to play but we were also giddy for prom,” she recalled. “We played some competitive teams and did really well.”

She doesn’t remember any specific plays, or moments, but the tournament brought the team together.

“We just had a good time playing together and playing well at that,” she said. “It was cold out but I think it just amplified our energy and gave us a great day and great memories. Seeing each other dressed up at prom was also a big plus.”

Kosirog, meanwhile, enjoyed the connections she made with her teammates.

“We bond so well and when we’re all on our game. It is so much fun,” she said. “We worked together really well and you could tell we all had each other’s back.”

Kosirog will attend Marian University in Fond du Lac and study forensic investigation and Spanish with a medical emphasis.

“After that, I think I might want to go to med school, but I am not entirely sure where yet,” she said.