By Jason Arndt
Staff Writer

Katie Harris

The Standard Press plans to recognize senior student-athletes from all spring sports teams, which saw their seasons cut short because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Seniors from county high schools will be profiled in the next several weeks in the Standard Press as more seniors respond to questions via email.

Coaches, senior student-athletes, parents and athletic directors are welcome to reach out to the Standard Press by emailing for suggestions.

Katie Harris, a defensive wing/midfielder wing, has played soccer for four years with both club and high school teams.

She found joy in learning the game while a member of the Demons soccer team.

“I loved how much fun it was to play soccer, every day I wanted to go to practice because I knew I would be learning something new while also enjoying it as we went,” she said.

Harris also indicates playing with Burlington created an opportunity to show her work ethic and discover her place on the team.

She will miss the bonding experiences, on and off the field.

“I’ll miss team dinners and how much of a family the team became over the course of the season,” she said. “Thank you to our coaches and all the time they spent with us over the years.”

Harris plans to attend University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the fall. She is undecided on a major but will focus on health courses.