By Jennifer Eisenbart

Sports editor

For the Burlington High School football team, Friday was a chance to finish its season on a high note – the focus on football and the future.

Union Grove, meanwhile, didn’t really seem to have its mind on football at all, and perhaps with good reason.

The Broncos spent the afternoon before the game attending the visitation of Union Grove Union High School teacher Kristin Novaez, who died last week in a motorcycle accident along with her husband David. The end result was a drubbing by Burlington, 56-7, during which the Demons played most of its lineup.

Burlington was not at full strength for the contest, with a number of players out with season-ending injuries – some suffered just last week, others suffered early on. BHS coach Hans Block said his team wanted to finish with a victory.

“The last two games, we’ve played pretty well,” Block said. “Our goals were to go out and execute and play well.

“It gave us an opportunity to get a lot of kids into the game, give a lot of kids touches,” the coach added. “You don’t get many opportunities like that, so when you get them, you have to enjoy them.”

Meanwhile, Union Grove coach Scott McBride said it was a little hard to focus on the game of football.

“I think that might have been a reason why we might have been a little out of focus,” McBride said. “Many players went to the service. One player met us at Burlington High School. At least one player missed the game completely.

“We were missing some players, and obviously, some players were affected,” the coach added. “We didn’t play well, and that might have been one of the factors.”

It was also McBride’s final game as head coach. He announced before the season – at least to the administration – that he was going to leave at the end of the year. The players found out following the Waterford game.

For more on the game, please see the print editions of the Burlington Standard Press and Westine Report.